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Xiaomi Redmi 23.8 inch 165Hz Gaming Monitor

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Xiaomi Redmi Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor G24
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Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Main Features


● High Refresh Rate: With a 165Hz refresh rate, the monitor delivers smooth and fluid gameplay, reducing stuttering and motion blur.



● Fast Response Time: The 1ms response time ensures quick and accurate image rendering, allowing for a competitive edge in fast-paced gaming scenarios.



● HDR Display Enhancement: The monitor supports HDR technology, enhancing brightness and color saturation for more realistic and immersive gaming experiences.



● Wide Color Gamut: With a 120% sRGB color gamut, the monitor accurately reproduces a wide range of colors, resulting in rich and vibrant visuals.



● Adaptive-Sync Technology: The monitor is compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync, synchronizing the display’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s output to prevent screen tearing and stuttering.



● High Contrast Ratio: The 3500:1 static contrast ratio provides deeper blacks and brighter whites, allowing for enhanced image details and better visibility in dark scenes.



● Eye Care Features: The monitor incorporates DC dimming and low blue light modes to reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.



● Accurate Color Calibration: Each monitor undergoes professional color calibration with a Delta E<2 color accuracy, making it suitable for both gaming and professional visual work.


Detailed parameters

Redmi Gaming Monitor G24


165Hz Refresh Rate | 1ms Response Time | HDR10 | ΔE<2


165Hz Ultra-High Refresh Rate


Fast and Smooth, a Gaming Weapon

With a refresh rate of 165 frames per second, even high-speed dynamic scenes are displayed with silky smoothness, reducing lag and motion blur.


23.8-inch Gaming Monitor (1920×1080)


1ms Fast Response


With MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) technology, the display can quickly transmit the image to your eyes, accurately presenting the real-time scene, making it easier to capture visual details and giving you an advantage in critical moments.


Adaptive-Sync Technology


Supports G-Sync and FreeSync functionality, ensuring synchronization between the graphics card and the monitor’s refresh rate, preventing screen tearing and stuttering during fast-paced dynamic scenes.


3500:1 High Static Contrast Ratio


Delivers stronger contrast and richer details in both bright and dark areas, providing more accurate representation of game environments and displaying precise information.


Enhanced HDR Display


The built-in chipset supports HDR high dynamic range display, allowing for adjustment of screen brightness and delivering higher color saturation, resulting in more realistic game visuals.


120% sRGB Wide Color Gamut


With an expanded color gamut covering 120% of the sRGB color space, it accurately displays 16.7 million colors (native 8-bit), resulting in richer color depth, smooth and natural transitions, more lifelike colors, and an enhanced sense of immersion in gaming.


Delta E < 2 High Color Accuracy


Each monitor undergoes professional-grade color calibration before leaving the factory, ensuring precise color accuracy. It excels in various scenarios, whether for office productivity or entertainment, and is also suitable for professional visual work. Tookfun


DC Dimming + Low Blue Light Mode


Reduced eye strain during prolonged use

With the implementation of global DC dimming technology, the display achieves flicker-free performance at high refresh rates. By enabling the low blue light mode, it effectively filters out short-wave blue light, providing a comfortable viewing experience for extended periods.


Sleek and minimalist design


Convenient cable management for a tidy workspace

Equipped with a clever cable hub, it facilitates cable organization, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires and ensuring a clean and organized desktop environment.


Package contents


Monitor unit




User manual

Base screws

Bracket screws x 2

HDMI cable

Power adapter



Bracket Type

Ordinary bracket

Screen curvature


High-Dynamic Range


Refresh Rate




Display Ratio


Display Size



1920 x 1080

Brand Name



Mainland China

Product model


Power input


Rated power

36W Max

Visual size (diagonal)


Dot pitch

0.2745(H) x 0.2745(V)mm

Contrast ratio

3500:1 (TYP)

Product Dimensions

539.2(L) x 181.2(W) x 420.6(H)mm

Product net weight


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